5 Important things that you must understand before you start work

5 Important things that you must understand before you start work
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JamboTribe – Time goes on and the years keep on changing, day by day human resources are increasing as well as the necessities of life and so on. Thus humans have to work to meet their every need of life, then the need for employment also increases.

But unfortunately employment needs are not always met. This causes the world of employment to become a very tight competition, so job seekers must have qualified requirements to be able to compete in the world of work.

Academic degrees such as a bachelor’s program alone cannot figure and promise someone can get a job. Because in addition to academic matters, applicants or job seekers need some other aspects that can get them a job, what are they?

1. Soft Skill

Soft skill is an ability or skill in every person. Soft skill is also an ability in yourself related to emotional, personality and used for yourself. For example emotional control, positive thinking, can take advice, and tell yourself.

In addition, soft skills can be interpreted as the ability to communicate or interact with people around such as ways and styles in language, hospitality, and others.

The point is that soft skills are the ability to control oneself or those related to aspects of sociology and one’s ability to interact.

2. Hard Skill

What is hard skill?

If soft skills are the embodiment of the ability to control yourself, then hard skills are abilities that you learn for life. Such as technical or academic skills that are learned in schools or fields of science that someone is involved in such as the ability of academic intelligence, techniques in a particular job or profession.

The point is that hard skills are the ability of a person to know or be able to pass basic techniques in the field he is in.

3. Supporting Factors for Soft Skills and Hard Skills

Creativity is the most sought after aspect of the company from candidates, because it is considered to be able to support the company and spearhead it. Innovations and new products can be created from them and can make the company competitive in the market.

Leadership is an ability that can give suggestions to others to act according to an agreed plan. Although not everyone likes to be a leader, this soft skill must be had by someone.

Public Speaking is a process of delivering information given by a person or group to the audience about a topic of discussion. Not only delivering information or presentations, public speaking can also be entertaining, influencing and so on. Usually also supported by presentation tools. Public speaking is very important in some companies because they are required to convey certain aspects or ideas in a presentation and the like.

4. Curiosity

Curiosity is an emotion related to the urge of wanting to know new things. Such as investigation, study, proof, exploration, and so on.

Therefore, someone who works in a company is advised to change the habits of people that they usually do. Like always honing the ability to think and always asking “why?”, “Why?” and how?” to people who understand better.

Because this as well as adding insight into the hard skills can also make you stand out and always be one to consider when a company makes a decision.

There are also other important things such as a mandatory or can manage their work time or are ready to adjust the time in accordance with the demands of the job or the company they are in.

5. Understand Social Media

The last is an update with the digital world. As technology develops, skill in processing information and obtaining information is also very important. Not a few companies also need workers to be able to always follow and be able to use social media.

Those are some things that you must have when you want to enter the workforce. Some of the above are not always binding because it all depends on the field you are in. But there is nothing wrong if you learn these things.

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