7 important tips to help you how to choose the perfect wedding bouquet

7 important tips to help you how to choose the perfect wedding bouquet 2
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Wedding bouquets naturally include wedding bouquets. But how do you choose that? Choosing a bouquet for your wedding is not as easy as choosing your favorite flower. The point is that you can match this with your wedding dress, your own style and any theme. These tips will help you choose the perfect bouquet, allowing you to walk to the altar with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

The first step in choosing your perfect bouquet is to determine what you are. For this, pay attention to your height and body type, among others. Do you have an hourglass shape, are you pear shaped, roundish, straight or something else? By finding out what best describes your body structure, you can more easily determine how you will feature it. Knowing your figure is an important step. This determines the color, type of flower and style.

Your height is very important. Do you describe yourself as a little bride? Then it is best to choose a small round bouquet. This combination ensures a balanced ratio and gives you the chance to really shine on your big day. A large, large bouquet will not be a good choice for your case. You do not want to hide behind a flower forest? The bigger the bouquet, the more it covers you and distracts you. Do you still want a large bridal bouquet? Then you can choose the middle ground and cut the stems a little shorter or go for a slightly smaller version.

With this big bride it’s different. As a large bride, a larger bouquet is perfect for you. If you choose not to have so many flowers in your bouquet, choose a bouquet with long stems. A large bouquet of proportions is better than if you choose a minimalist bouquet.

Besides length, your curve is also important. Full bodied brides show off a large, thick bouquet, while slimmer brides shine with a narrow bouquet with longer stems. Take the time to determine exactly how you will describe your figure. This is very important for the size of your bouquet.

Now that you know what type of bouquet works best for your figure, look at the design of the wedding dress. It goes without saying that the bouquet must match your dress and emphasize smart design. To determine which bouquet works best, consider these two characteristics.

Fancy dresses require wedding bouquets that are rather simple and simple. On the other hand, classic dresses can be complemented with more traditional bouquets, or even with a single flower to emphasize the minimalist style.

The shape of your clothes can also help you. For wide dresses, an elongated bouquet of flowers will look best. However, if your dress is more straight, choose a bouquet that is fuller and rounder.

Your bouquet is an indispensable accessory that must certainly fit your unique style. You can choose a colorful and colorful flower bunch or a minimalist bouquet of flowers with several white flowers. If ‘bling bling’ is more suitable for you, then a bouquet of flowers with a brooch might be for you. This beautiful bouquet of flowers is made with pins, pearls and even real stones.

Do you really care about minimalism and are you ecologically minded? Then one flower can be a suitable idea. Consider, for example, sunflower or king protea.

Bohemian style and lavender bouquet like two hands on one stomach. Lavender has a calm and chic appearance. Vintage brides can combine a beautiful composite bouquet with pastel-colored roses (peonies) or choose a romantic ballerina bouquet. This type of bouquet is very gentle and feminine, which subtly accentuates the romantic atmosphere at your wedding. Apart from that, of course there is nothing wrong with a classic bouquet with beautiful red roses. Maybe a bridal bouquet for a passionate and romantic bride among us.

But where did that beautiful wedding bouquet actually come from?

Every country has its own traditions, including bridal bouquets. For example, there is a tradition that the bouquet is a gift from the groom to his wife. Another tradition is that the bride throws a wreath among single women. The person who catches the bouquet is the one who is happy at night and the next one to enjoy

The new trend is to bring it home as a memento of your wedding day. But the true origin of the bridal bouquet comes from centuries ago, when the bride mainly brought twigs and plants to frighten evil spirits. Better known as the devil’s eye. So, if you want to pay tribute to this ancient tradition, then add some sage leaves to your bouquet, for example!

Some important tips for the best quality
If you choose fresh bouquets or karangan bunga, make sure you have a trusted supplier who will send them to you on your wedding day. Your bouquet must look fresh and fresh. Also consider the weight of the bouquet. If you are not accustomed to carrying a lot of things in your hand or if you are anxious type, choose a bouquet that is light and easy to carry.

You may not be allergic to your flowers, but make sure your fiance is not. There is nothing worse than tears and red eyes on your wedding photos!

Also pay attention to the season when choosing your bouquets. Many florists can give you favorite flowers throughout the year, but if you want to save a little, choose flowers that are in season.

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